BMW’s Factory Scheduled Maintenance Milestones

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Scheduled Maintenance

To get the most out of a BMW, it’s important to have the servicing done at regular intervals. BMW customers have the luxury of having access to some of the best maintenance specialists in the world. Not only is it a good idea to stick to the factory scheduled maintenance milestones to ensure the longevity of the car, but it also ensures a great resale value.

Basic Oil and Safety Checks Every 10,000 Miles or Two Years

This is the first time the vehicle will go in for a service and also serves as a good base for future services. During this service, there usually aren’t any major servicing requirements unless the vehicle had to endure prolonged exposure to rough terrain. This is a safety and oil service, and changes are made to the oil, oil filter, windshield wipers and wiper fluid, and engine coolant.

Some safety features service department will check the brakes, horn, indicator lights, dashboard warning lights, steering linkage, rubber belts and hoses and suspension components. They will also check the tire pressure and for fluid leaks. Although this is not considered a major service, it does set the tone for future services. The major services, classified as Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 both perform this basic service before moving onto the specialized items.

The First Major Service – Inspection 1 Every 30,000 Miles

This check is more intense and will check every aspect of the vehicle more thoroughly to ensure wear and tear at this level, are well managed. It will include the basic oil and safety check as well as additional items. Under the car, some of the checks that are performed include verifying the engine temperature, cleaning the brake pad contact points, checking the brake disc surfaces, inspecting the front control arm and bushing, and more.

The tire and wheel checks include examining the tires for wear and even tread, and greasing the wheel center hubs. There are also quite a few checks under the hood, which includes reading the diagnostic system to pick up any errors and more. Finally, there is a check on the body and interior that includes checking the lighting and proper functioning of the instrument panel, the mirrors, heating and air blowers and defoggers, and more.

The Second Major Service – Inspection 2 Every 60,000 Miles

When a BMW reaches 60,000 miles, there a few different checks that are performed. These include the inspection of the parking brake lining, examination of flexible boots for leaks, and an inspection for rust according to the rust prevention warranty.

These services form an integral part of the performance of BMW vehicles and, if performed by an accredited BMW service station, should add new life to the vehicle. The services also provide the driver with the opportunity to highlight areas of concern such as loss of power, transmission, or fuel consumption issues. These services are important to ensure that the vehicle retains its warranty for the full period.

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