Value Your Trade-In Car

Get Your BMW Trade-In Value Today!

Ready to trade in your car for something new? The Rallye BMW trade-in calculator helps you get a fair price for your current vehicle. Even better, our online tool is simple to use, whether you’re calculating your BMW trade-in value or passing on a model from another manufacturer. And once you get your estimate, you can finalize your trade-in car offer at Rallye BMW near Manhasset.

How to Trade-In My Car: Step-by-step Instructions

If this is your first time trading in a vehicle, you may be wondering how the whole process works. It’s pretty straightforward:

  • Complete your trade-in estimate with our online trade-in calculator
  • Once you’ve calculated the value of your trade-in car, you can shop online and explore your inventory options online at Rallye BMW. We offer new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles to choose from!
  • If you find that your trade-in car doesn’t cover the cost of the new or new-to-you vehicle you’re considering, our financing department can work with you to help you cover the remaining amount.
  • It may seem complicated to trade-in a vehicle with a loan balance, but our team can help you decide if it’s the best solution for you.
  • Once you’ve decided to accept the trade-in offer, you’ll need to bring in your car title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and key. After we inspect your vehicle, we can finalize your trade-in offer.

Why Consider Trading-In a Car?

If you want to reduce the amount you owe on your next vehicle, trading in your current car can help you reduce the cost. Regardless of whether you’re interested in leasing or buying your next BMW, you’ll be able to put the amount you receive for your trade-in to your next vehicle. Doing this will take a large amount off your down payment, and make your subsequent monthly payments much more affordable.

Start Trading-In Your Car With Rallye BMW!

Do you have questions about your BMW trade-in value or the process of trading in your car? Maybe you’d like to learn more about the BMW new car warranty before you move forward. Contact our finance team to discuss the details of the trade-in process, or ask any other questions on your mind. We can help you trade-in your car and find financing for your new vehicle.