BMW Comfort Access Keyless Entry

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2021 BMW 5 Series Sedan Exterior

BMW has a comfort access keyless entry system that lets you open the car door and start up your engine without touching the key. All that Syosset drivers need to do is have the key on your person or nearby, and the unique sensors will align and you’ll be able to get your car started with the push of a button. Find out more about this incredible system and be sure to buy your new BMW from Rallye BMW to get a sales and service experience befitting The Ultimate Driving Machine.

The Approach

Once the key enters a roughly five foot proximity zone to the car, the system will automatically sense whether it is in range. Your car will verify the key, so all you need to do is touch the door handle to unlock it. It’s the perfect solution for a day of running errands when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of digging your key out of your pocket. Also, if you left your keys behind, you’ll get an alert so you don’t have to worry. The BMW remote start app also hooks up your BMW to your phone so you can keep connected in all facets.

Start and Drive

BMW Comfort Access allows you to drive away without having to search for your keys because the presence of the key makes the determination as to whether you can engage the car or not. After you’re in the driver’s seat, use the push button start to start and stop the engine. The Comfort Access keyless entry system can store your seat’s features and adjust them when you get inside, making the whole process a lot simpler.

Exiting the Car

No matter if you need to exit the car briefly or you’ve reached your final destination, you can lock the doors by pressing the exterior button on the handle of the door. Open and close the trunk of the car by using the contactless function. All you have to do is swipe your foot under the back bumper to activate the liftgate.

Explore BMW Comfort Access with Rallye BMW

Ready to explore the BMW Comfort Access Keyless Entry for yourself? Come on over to Rallye BMW and give it a go with us! We’ve got a range of technologically advanced BMW vehicles and really, the Comfort Access keyless entry system and BMW gesture control has to be experienced to be believed. Contact us today to learn all about it.


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